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Chase bank is one of the best and the largest banking service provider in the US. The Chase bank is a top listed national Bank is Headquartered in Manhattan, Newyork city. Chase Bank is the most used U.S consumer and commercial banking service in the globe. Moreover, it serves as the subsidiary for the US multinational banking and financial services holding company JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The Chase bank was formed in 1877 by John Thompson. The bank was previously called the chase Manhattan bank which later merged with JP Morgan & Co in the year 2000. Thereby got the name JP Morgan Chase Bank.

chase bank routing numbers - find chase routing number

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Chase Bank is a commercial bank that offers the best in class Nation Wide financial services and serves nearly half of America’s households. You can choose to bank with Chase at their 5100 branches, and 16000 ATM’s. It is also operational in over 100 countries. Being the Major service provider for the US, Chase Bank proudly calls itself one of the biggest banks of the United States. Its assets range to about $ 2.6 trillion.

What Is A Routing Number:

Bank routing number is a nine-digit number that uniquely identifies the financial institution or the bank. It is also known as the Routing Transit Number(RTN).

Routing Numbers is also called as:

  1. ABA numbers
  2. Check Routing Numbers
  3. Routing Transit Numbers(RTN)

RTN is required by the Automated Clearing House(ACH) system to make online money transfers. The account number can also be obtained from your monthly bank statements. Be very careful when you use these numbers, as a single mistake might reject the whole transaction.

What Is The Chase Bank Routing Number:

Chase Bank routing numbers act as an identification for the Chase bank branch in an area. The Chase Bank located at different regions differ by this chase bank routing number. Chase bank routing number is the number given to that particular chase bank in a particular location. So it acts as an identification to the Chase bank branch, where your account exists. Therefore this code is different for different chase banks.

The chase Bank Routing Number is often used by the customers while making Online Transactions. And Besides, this number is also used while dealing with FedWire fund transfers, making bill payments or initiating direct deposits processed by the Automated Clearing House(ACH).In addition, Federal Reserve Banks to use this Routing Number to manage other such automated transfers.

Ways To Find Chase Bank Routing Numbers:

Now, we know that RTN plays a very important role and that it is obligatory to use RTN in all our transactions. Therefore we have to make sure that we are using the right RTN for all our transactions.

Check out the following easy ways to find the right RTN for the Transactions.

Find The Chase Rougit Number By Using Bank Account Check:

You can easily find the Routing Number in your Personal Bank Account Check. In the Bottom of your Personal bank Check, you can find three numbers printed side by side.

The first number is the Routing Number enclosed by the symbol “|:”. Next to it is the Bank Account Number and at last, we have the Check Serial Number. You can find it mentioned clearly in the image shown below.

jp morgan chase bank routing numbers - find chase routing number

In the above image, You can see the routing number as the leftmost number which is “123456789”

Enclosed by the character “|: ”Besides this is the personal account number. This also is a 9 digit number that identifies your account. And finally, we have the 4 digit number called check number. This check number makes each check uniquely identifiable as it is different for different checks.

Please note that in some cases we can see that check number and the personal account number placed in reverse or interchangeably. But it happens in very rare cases. An example Image is displayed below.

As shown in the image above, the only change you can see here is the placement of the check number and account number is reversed. Both Bank routing number and check number are used while making online payments. Both these numbers can be easily found in your own personal bank check.

Find Chase Routing Number Through Online Banking:

You can find your chase bank RTN just by accessing your online banking system. How simple is that!

Just follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to your Online Banking system and Login using your credentials i.e Username and Password for your chase bank account.
  2. Click on the My Accounts option and go to the Account Details Page.
  3. Scroll down in the account details page to find the Account Information section.
  4. You can see that the Routing number is present in that section.

Walla! Wasn’t that just a Cakewalk. Now you can Find your Chase Bank RTN with no much hassle just by using your net banking system.

By Using Chase Bank Mobile App:

Mobile Apps make everything seem easy and So it is in the case of finding RTN too! You can find your RTN with your Mobile Banking App. Just log in to your Chase Bank App and select your Account. Scroll to find the Account Summary Tab, wherein you can find your Routing Number.

In The Bank Monthly Statements:

Bank monthly statements are sent by the Banks every month and you receive it in your mail. These Bank statements make it easy for you to keep track of all the transactions that take place in your account over a monthly basis. Just open your bank monthly statement and check the top right column where your account number is displayed. In your account number starting from the 3rd or 4th digit you can acquire the chase bank routing number.

List Of Chase Bank Routing Numbers:

Here is a list of routing numbers mentioned for various specific regions respectively. You can easily copy the Routing numbers for the needed region and use them for your banking purposes. Go through the chart below to find the RTN according to your location. So, happy exploring!

Different banks have different routing numbers depending on the online and paper transactions. You can cross verify your RTN using the chart above and carry out your transactions effortlessly.

Region Routing Transit Number





New Jersey21202337
New York – Downstate21000021



West Virginia51900366

Chase Bank Routing Number Texas:

Hey guys! Here you can find the chase bank routing number for Texas state.
Texas is the second largest state of United States both in terms of area and population. Therefore, there are around 643 chase locations in Texas. The chase routing number for Texas is 111000614.

Chase Bank Routing Number Florida:

Florida State is the 22nd most extensive and 8Th most densely populated of United States. The state of Florida has around 401 chase locations. The chase routing number for Florida is 267084131. It is also called as the JP Morgan chase bank Florida routing number.

Chase Bank Routing Number CA – California:

Here you can find the Chase routing number for California state. California state has around 39.5 million residents and is the 3rd largest state of United States by area.it is situated in the Pacific region of the United States with Sacramento as its capital. California state has around 1010 chase locations. The chase routing number for California is 322271627.

Chase Bank Routing Number New York:

Here you can find the chase routing number for New York . New York state has an estimated population of about 19.85 million residents in 2017. It is home to the most popular city ever,i.e the New York city which makes about 40% of the total New York state’s population.

It is situated in the Northeastern part of United States and is the 27th largest state in land area. New York state has around 762 chase locations. The chase routing number for New York -Downstate is 021000021 and chase routing number for New York – upstate is 022300173.

Chase Bank Branch Locator:

ATM devices are found everywhere, usually in busy areas where a lot of people gather on an everyday basis. There are about 5100 branches of Chase Banks widely distributed in various regions. So it won’t be a difficult task to find one.

But, Is there a Chase Branch/ATM closest to you? and if so, what is the easiest way to find it?

The Chase bank branch locator is just what you need to accomplish the above tasks. So why worry?

Go through the guide below and do follow it as you will find the fastest way to locate a Chase Bank near you.

How To Find Chase Bank  Locations Near me?

chase branch locator - find chase bank routing numbers of all states

To find the chase bank locations near you all you need to do is, just click on the chase bank branch locator image above. Now, wait to get directed to the branch locator page. Enter the location you want to find a chase bank and the locator will list it out for you. This locator not only displays the nearest ATM location to you but also mentions an average time needed for you to reach there. So now you can comfortably plan your schedule according to your convenience.

You just have to enter the Zipcode, address, city or the state to get the nearest location.

To find out your Zipcode, you can visit https://m.usps.com/m/ZipLookupAction?search=address. you can turn on your GPS as well, and use the current Location, and you can get the closest ATM to you.

Customer Services and Chase Bank Customer Service Number:

chase bank customer support - chase routing numbers

The Chase bank being one of the best and topmost banks, undoubtedly provide world class services to their customer. Every Business works to keep their customer happy and wants to always leave them feeling satisfied. The customer is the center point of any business, with every single product or service revolving around the customer.it is by valuing every customer and their feedback does the business grow.

Chase Bank offers a number of products and services like credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts and CDs, prepaid cards, car buying and loans, Mortgage and home equity, investing, commercial banking and so on.

Chase Bank proudly serves nearly half of America’s households with a broad range of financial services, including personal banking, credit cards, mortgages, auto financing, investment advice, small business loans, and payment processing.

With all the above services provided, Chase Bank customer service is always ready to assist you with all your queries.

Chase bank customer service number for both US and NON-US residents is mentioned below

US Resident             1-800-242-7338

Non-US Resident     1-713-262-3300

So, In case you require further details regarding any of the financial services, you can contact them in the above number. Do follow the instructions provided by the IVR(Interactive Voice Response) carefully. And you can get all the required details and doubts resolved in just a matter of minutes.

Chase Bank SWIFT/BIC Code And IBAN Number:

SWIFT is short for “Society For Worldwide International  Financial Telecommunication”.its a network of financial institutions around the globe to securely send and receive money transactions and other financial information’s within 1-2 business days.

To make sure our money has ended up in the correct bank account, Each Bank has been assigned a  unique individual code. This code can be thought of as an area code. Some banks call them SWIFT codes while the others term them as BIC(Bank Identifier Code).

Chase Bank SWIFT code/BIC code is a unique set of numbers that identifies the specified chase bank. Knowing the right SWIFT code will guarantee swift and smooth international wire transfers to and from your chase bank account.

SWIFT code consists of 8-11 alpha-numeric characters.it is shown as given below:

AAAA- is the Bank Code

BB- is the Country Code

CC- is the Location Code.

DDD- is the Branch Code

The SWIFT/BIC code for Chase bank is CHASUS33. You might want to make an international wire transfer to chase account or send money from overseas to your own account. For this, you need to have the following details

Swift code changes from branch to branch. You need to know the correct postal address of your bank, to which you need to send money. Find the SWIFT code for your specific chase bank branch here.

IBAN NUMBER: IBAN(International Bank Account Number) is an international code that identifies the account holder’s country, their bank and account number.

It is used for all Bank accounts within the European Union, and a few other countries in Europe like Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Hungary. Also With time, More countries are increasingly using them.

Difference Between Chase Bank Routing Number, SWIFT/BIC Code, and  IBAN:

  • SWIFT/BIC code identifies the specific bank involved during an international transfer.it provides the identification to the bank.
  • IBAN is used to identify an individual account on both the incoming and outgoing ends of the transfer.
  • Chase Bank Routing Number is the Number specified to a particular chase Bank branch in a particular location.

I hope you have found all the relevant information regarding Chase Bank and Chase bank routing Number in this write-up. This article will answer all your questions and queries about chase bank routing number and other related topics. Hope you have found this useful.Thanks for reading!