Bank of America also abbreviated as BofA is the second largest Banking institution after JP Morgan Chase in the States. This American Multinational is the investment Banking and financial services company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina United States and also has a wide presence in major cities like New York, London, Hongkong, Minneapolis, and Toronto.

Bank Of America is the 13th largest company in the world for market capitalization and the 6th largest American Pubilc company. It is in direct competition with the BofA, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase. Formed in 1998, through the NationsBank’s acquisition of Bank America still stands strong and is one among the best financial services provider in the states.

bank of america routing numbers

Those of you people who have Bank Of America account would need the Bank Routing Number to set up Online Payments, direct deposit or wire transfer. So, this article will aid in helping you to find the Right Bank routing number for your Bank of America account.

So, what is a routing number?

This number is assigned by the American Bankers Association and is also called ABA number or Routing Transfer number(RTN). Routing numbers are widely used in the U.S. it is a unique 9 digit number that identifies the financial institution during a transaction. It is normally seen in the bottom of paper checks. It represents the Bank or the Credit union for processing financial operations.

The First 4 numbers are called the Federal Reserve Identifiers, out of which the first 2 numbers identify in which of the 12 federal reserve bank districts your bank is located. The next 2 numbers show the Federal Reserve check processing center assigned to your bank.

Uses of the Routing number:

Routing number makes sure that all the fund transactions are directed properly to or from a bank account. Due to Routing Numbers, you can identify the banks easily, therefore you have no confusions while making payments. All thanks to the routing numbers!

Bank of America routing number is useful for Wire Transfers- for incoming or outgoing international or domestic transfers, Electronic Transactions -to direct deposits or make an outgoing payment to any of the other financial institutions and to order checks.

How to find Bank of America routing number:

BofA number can be easily found in the left side bottom of your Bank check. The first 9 digits mentioned over there is the BofA Routing Number. it is followed by the Account number and then the check number of your BofA account.

Please Note that the check number would be different based on the location where your BofA bank account was opened.

There are several branches of Bank of America in the U.S. and covers most of the United Nations States. The BofA banks in each state have its own Routing number, therefore, making it easier to process transactions and manage their accounts better.

For example looking at the States Newyork, Chicago, Michigan, Florida. They all have different routing numbers. Therefore while making transactions please check and make sure you are using the right routing number associated with your BofA account. Any misrepresentation of numbers can lead to a wrong transaction.

What is the Bank of America routing number California:

If you are looking for BofA routing number of CA, we have it right here for you. The routing number for paper Transactions and electronic transfers for CA is 121000358. You can easily find it at the bottom of your check. The routing number for Wire Transfers is also same as 026009593.

Bank of America routing number Colorado:

BofA Routing number for Colorado is 123103716. You may also call the Bank of America customer care number and get the routing number from them.

Bank of America routing number Arizona:

The BofA routing number for the Arizona state is 122101706.

If you want to verify your routing number, look at the front bottom of your check. Do not have a checkbook? Worry not, you may call the Bank of America customer care and find out your routing number.

Bank of America routing number Washington:

The Bank of America routing number for Washington state is 125000024. 

You can find Bank of America Routing Number for paper Transactions, Electronic and Wire Transfers for all the states of the United Nations here. Just use the search box to enter your state of preference.

Bank Of America Routing Numbers:

State / Region Paper  Electronic Transactions Wire Transfer
Alabama 051000017 051000017 026009593
Alaska 051000017 051000017 026009593
Arizona 122101706 122101706 026009593
Arkansas 082000073 082000073 026009593
California 121000358 121000358 026009593
Colorado 123103716 123103716 026009593
Connecticut 011900571 011900254 026009593
Delaware 031202084 031202084 026009593
Florida, East 063000047 063100277 026009593
Florida, West 063100277 063100277 026009593
Georgia 061000052 61000052 026009593
Hawaii 051000017 051000017 026009593
Idaho 123103716 123103716 026009593
Illinois – South 081904808 081904808 026009593
Illinois – North 071000505 071000505 026009593
Illinois – Chicago Metro 071103619 081904808 026009593
Indiana 071214579 071214579 026009593
Indiana (Opened before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017 026009593
Indiana (Opened after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808 026009593
Iowa 073000176 073000176 026009593
Kansas 101100045 101100045 026009593
Kentucky 051000017 051000017 026009593
Louisiana 051000017 051000017 026009593
Maine 011200365 011200365 026009593
Maryland 052001633 052001633 026009593
Massachusetts 011000138 011000138 026009593
Michigan 072000805 072000805 026009593
Michigan (Opened before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017 026009593
Michigan (Opened after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808 026009593
Minnesota 071214579 071214579 026009593
Mississippi 051000017 051000017 026009593
Missouri East/St. Louis 081000032 081000032 026009593
Missouri West/Kansas City 101000035 081000032 026009593
Montana 051000017 051000017 026009593
Nebraska 051000017 051000017 026009593
Nevada 122400724 122400724 026009593
New Hampshire 011400495 011400495 026009593
New Jersey 021200339 021200339 026009593
New Mexico 107000327 107000327 026009593
New York 021000322 021000322 026009593
North Carolina 053000196 053000196 026009593
North Dakota 051000017 051000017 026009593
Ohio 051000017 051000017 026009593
Oklahoma 103000017 103000017 026009593
Oregon 323070380 323070380 026009593
Pennsylvania 031202084 031202084 026009593
Rhode Island 011500010 011500010 026009593
South Carolina 053904483 053904483 026009593
South Dakota 051000017 051000017 026009593
Tennessee 064000020 064000020 026009593
Texas, North 111000025 111000025 026009593
Texas, South 113000023 111000025 026009593
Utah 051000017 051000017 026009593
Vermont 051000017 051000017 026009593
Virginia 051000017 051000017 026009593
Washington 125000024 125000024 026009593
Washington DC 054001204 054001204 026009593
West Virginia 051000017 051000017 026009593
Wisconsin 051000017 051000017 026009593
Wyoming 051000017 051000017 026009593

You can also sign in to Online banking site and select your desired account and then click on the information & Services tab and this can take you to your particular bank routing Transit number.

You must know your Routing Number when you order checks:

While ordering new bank of America checks you will require your routing number. Please do not make any mistakes while mentioning your routing number so that you avoid any issues with processing and returned check problems.

Different numbers for International Wire transfers:

First, let us know what is a Wire Transfer:

With wire transfers transfer money from one bank to other electronically without any hassles. it is the fastest way to send money to someone and you also do not need a check to complete this type of transaction. This involves moving funds through the wire like SWIFT, the Federal Reserve Wire Network or the Clearing House Interbank Payments system.

To send money through wire transfer,

First Sign in to your online banking account and select the tab -To send money to your Account or someone else’s account or Business. Another option is to transfer money by taking an appointment at a local bank of America branch.

If you are transferring your money abroad then it is called the International Wire Transfer. In this case, you might have to consider the exchange rates while making the transaction.

Please note: The routing numbers mentioned on checks is different from the routing numbers used for wire transfers

So Please ensure you use the correct number so that your funds are directed to the right account. Given below is the Bank of America Wire transfer numbers.

Some FAQs:

Some customers of Bank of America have discovered that the routing number printed on the checks is not working for direct deposit of refunds or for direct debit of taxes owed.


For some states, Bank of America routing number printed on the check is different from the routing number used for electronic transactions. Debits and Direct deposits are electronic transactions, hence routing number in the check will not work.

To resolve this issue: you can go to the bank of America website and check the FAQ with the title-  How do I know which ABA Routing number to use?

Some key points:

  • Bank of America takes higher fees than its other competitors.
  • In this Bank, Saving bank account rates are lower than other banks.
  • It has fewer ATMs per state when compared to other institutions
  • It has more branches in each state than most other national financial institutions.
  • Here you can open checking account at lower rates than other banks.

BofA Bank provides a broad range of services and products to customers by operating through 5100 branches and 16300 ATMs and also online and mobile banking Platforms. The most significant function of the bank is that it offers the largest banking services to consumers and small businesses for financial services. It is mega-competitor with other financial players like Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase.

I hope you have found this guide useful and it has answered most of your queries. If you need more information on any topic or have any suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment below, so that we can assist you with the same.