Hi There! All you chase bank customers. Now you have to go nowhere else to find your chase bank routing number for California state. You can find your Chase Bank California Routing Number. And get all the information you need along with their postal codes and branch locations for more than 1000 branches right here in my site. Keep reading to find all the information you need on Chase Bank Routing number California and get all your queries answered.

California with its 39.5M residents is the most populous and the third largest state by area in the United States.it is home to the sprawling and the most happening City of Los Angeles( LA) and the San Francisco area. You can find the Chase routing number of California and other useful information right below. 

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Chase Bank Routing Number California | Chase Routing Number Of CA:

As you might have already gone through the main article, you would have all the knowledge about the significance and usage of Chase Bank routing numbers while making online transactions.

Chase Routing Number for California shows the routing number basically used for all the financial transactions for California chase bank locations in the U.S.This Number indicates that the account basically belongs particularly to California Branch location situated in the United States.

Chase Routing Number California – CA – 322271627:

California has around 1010 chase locations in the State.T he chase routing number for California is 322271627. It is also called as the JP Morgan chase bank California routing number.


You can just copy the above code and can carefully put it at the destined place while making transactions through the California chase bank account.

Chase Bank Routing number California is a 9 digit code which is used all over the U.S to identify your branch location in California i.e where you originally opened your account.

Chase Bank number can be bifurcated into the MICR format.

MICR format for chase routing number california


From the above image, XXXX represents the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol. YYYY is the ABA Institution Identifier. And C is the Check Digit.

The first 4 digits XXXX digits given at the start of the code shows the symbol responsible for Fedwire transfers. The next 4 digits YYYY represents the institution under which the account was opened. And the last digit C is given to check the correctness of the whole code and that is why it is called the check digit.

Chase Bank Locations In California:

The code for Chase Bank routing number California is provided above for your easy usage.you can copy this code directly for Chase Bank Routing Number California while making online transactions for the Chase bank branches in the California State.

Another method to find out or to cross verify the chase bank routing number California is by directly contacting the nearest Chase bank.

There are a number of chase banks in California. So how would you find the nearest one among the 1010 branches of chase bank located in CA?

It is quite easy, Follow the given map below and quickly locate the nearest California chase bank to you.

So with no more hassles, you can easily locate the nearest Chase Bank California Branch with the help of this locator. Use the locator to also find all the required details like the address of the nearest desired branch, office timings and also ATM and other branch services.

Now you can approach your nearest bank easily and find more details about your chase bank routing number, and various other desired info in just a few clicks.

So click on the map or Chase Bank Branch locator above, and it will redirect you to find the desired nearest location of Chase Bank in California.

Final words:

All the details you need to know about Chase Bank routing number for California is provided here in the easiest way possible. The city of California has more than 1000’s of Chase branches. Therefore, The code for Chase Bank routing number California is also directly displayed above for your convenience.

You can easily make use of it while making Fed wire transfers or any other online transactions. Also, with the help of the map, you can locate the nearest Chase bank and get all the required information.

Here we have dealt with all important topics regarding Chase Bank routing numbers and sincerely hope all your queries are addressed. In case of any further doubts please feel free to drop a comment below and we will resolve it at the earliest.