PNC Bank based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one of the most widely used public financial services company. it is the 8Th largest bank by assets in the US. Its located in around 19 states, with 2459 branches and 9051 ATM’s.

The name PNC is got by the merger of 2 of its predecessor banks namely Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation in 1983. The company offers various services such as wealth management, asset management, estate planning, loans, and information processing.

pnc bank routing numbers list

So today lets learn about the PNC routing number and its uses. You can also find the PNC routing number for different states mentioned below.

So, what is a routing number?

The routing number is a 9 digit code used for financial transactions. It was developed over one hundred years ago by the American Bankers Association to identify various financial institutions. This number is the identifier for the location of the bank where the account exists.

This number referred to as Routing Transfer number(RTN) or ABA (American Bankers Association Number) was initially used for processing checks. That is why the banks print these numbers on the bottom left side of checks. These routing numbers are applied while making all transactions like automatic deposits, wire transfers, electronic(Direct depositing/Auto payments) and online banking etc.

How To Find PNC Routing number:

The PNC routing number can be easily found at the bottom left corner of the check, right before the account number. The bottom of the check contains 3 sets of number, the first one being the Routing number, then the Account number and check number.

pnc routing number

PNC Routing number Alabama:

Please contact your local branch to get the right information. PNC bank customer care number is as follows

PNC Routing number Delaware:

The PNC routing number DE is 122105278. This is the 9 digit number that appears before your account number.

PNC Routing number Florida:

If you are searching for PNC routing number Florida, we have mentioned it here for you. The PNC routing number for Florida is 043002900, 267084199. You can find anyone of this number at the front bottom of the check. Please contact your local branch for the right PNC Routing number based on your branch location.

PNC Routing number New Jersey:

Looking for PNC routing number for NJ? The PNC bank routing number NJ is 031207607. Just take a look at the bottom of your check to confirm.

PNC routing number Pennsylvania Pittsburgh:

Need the PNC Routing number for Pittsburgh? You are at the right place. PNC Routing number Pittsburgh is 043000096. You may also call the PNC customer care number and obtain the routing number from your PNC bank.

PNC Routing number Maryland:

You can contact the local branch to find the PNC routing number Maryland.

PNC Routing number Indiana:

The PNC routing number Indiana has 3 numbers which are 083009060, 083000108, 071921891 based on different locations of PNC bank account in Indiana State. This can be easily verified by looking at the front bottom of your check. If you do not have a checkbook, you may call PNC customer care.

You can find PNC Bank routing number for all the states of United Nations here. Use the search box to enter your preferred state.

Banks can have multiple routing numbers:

Please have a periodic check of your routing number whenever you make a transaction. As it is subject to changes whenever a merger or acquisition occurs. According to the policy stated by ABA, A bank is eligible to have multiple routing numbers according to the different locations. A bank spread across many states can have different routing numbers for different states and also multiple routing numbers within the state.

According to ABA, A bank is eligible to have 5 routing numbers, one related to its principal office and 4 additional routing numbers.

There are different routing numbers for international wire transfers:

While making international transfers with your PNC bank account that involves sending money across to a different country, you will need a different PNC bank routing number.

PNC Bank is an active member of the Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunications, abbreviated as SWIFT. This SWIFT code is used to identify financial institutions worldwide. PNC bank has a distinct SWIFT code to make international financial transfers. The PNC bank SWIFT code is PNCCUS33.

Receiving money to your PNC bank account from outside the US:

For these kinds of transfers, you have to opt for wire transfers. The Sender would need the following details to send money to your PNC Bank account.

However, please ensure you are using the correct SWIFT/BIC code so that you have a successful and hassle-free transfer. This is very important as some banks have different SWIFT/BIC codes for foreign currencies and US dollar transfers due to the conversion rates. As a result of changing conversion rates, the cost to make an international wire transfer remains substantial.

Please Be Aware Of Bad Exchange Rates:

Before making any international transfers, please check for the conversion rates to safeguard from overpaying. Use the currency converter here to display the correct mid-market rate and check how the value has changed over the last 30-90days.

Cost Of A Wire Transfer:

A nominal fee is charged by the banks to make wire transfers. For a Domestic wire transfer may cost between 10$ – 30$ , while international transfers may cost 30$ – 50$.

Since 2018, services like transfers can be used instead of wire transfers. For Banks converting money from one currency to another does cost a fraction of what they charge. Transferwise is most recommended, due to the minimal cost and time taken to make the transfers.

The below chart gives a concise view of the nominal fees charged by some national banks in comparison with transfers. Conversion cost of 1000 $ to euros to send internationally

NOTE: commercial banks might charge large fees because of the overhead.

Transferwise is definitely the best option for making international wire transfers, due to the low cost and its ease of use.

Time Taken For A Transfer:

Ideally, the time taken for a transfer can range between 1- 6 business days depending on the financial institution and its location. Domestic transfers can take one day and international can take between 3 – 6 Business days.

Note: if you have not received the payment after 7 business days, Please contact your bank to check what the issue could be.

All the information you require to know about PNC routing numbers is given above. I hope you have found this article useful. Please mention your valuable feedbacks and comments below. We will be more than happy to help you.