Wells Fargo is an American Multinational bank and the most successful financial services provider in the United States.it is the world’s second-largest bank by market capitalization. Founded in 1852, this Leading bank is headquartered in San Fransisco, California and has been the best for more than 160 years in its history.

Wells Fargo is one of the Strongest Banks in the US and is ranked the Third largest bank in the world for its asset value. Wells Fargo was ranked at No. #26 on the 2018 fortune 500 rankings of America’s Largest Corporations. This public bank is one of the highly reputed and popular banks and therefore trusted by millions.its vision is to fully satisfy their customer’s financial needs and help them become financially successful.

wells fargo routing numbers


In this guide, we will learn how to find and use the Wells Fargo routing number. Keep reading! And let’s go ahead.

So, what is a routing number?

The routing Transfer number(RTN) or ABA (American Bankers Association Number) is a 9 digit code widely used in the US that identifies the institution from which money is drawn. It is normally seen in the bottom of paper checks. It is the identifier of the location of the bank where your bank account was opened.

Uses of the Routing number:

They are used for both online and offline financial transactions including wire transfers, checks and electronic(Direct depositing/Auto payments). Routing number makes sure that all the monetary transactions are directed correctly too or from a bank account.

How to find Wells Fargo routing number:

Wells Fargo follows the standard check layout. The Wells Fargo bank routing number is easily found at the bottom left corner of the check, right before the account number. The bottom of the check contains 3 sets of number, the first one being the Routing number, then the Account number and check number.

wells fargo routing numbers


Find All The Wells Fargo Routing Numbers In The Below Table:

Arizona 122105278
Arkansas 111900659
District of Columbia 054001220
New Hampshire 121042882
New Jersey 021200025
New Mexico 107002192
New York 026012881
North Carolina 053000219
North Dakota 091300010
Rhode Island 121042882
South Carolina 053207766
South Dakota 091400046
Texas – El Paso 112000066
Virginia 051400549
West Virginia 121042882
Wisconsin 075911988

Wells Fargo routing number Florida:

If you are searching for WellsFargoo routing number of Florida, you have to look no more. The routing number for Florida is 063107513, which can be seen at the front bottom of the check.

Wells Fargo routing number California:

Looking for Wells Fargo routing number for CA? Just look at the bottom of the check. The Wells Fargo bank routing number for California is 121042882.

Wells Fargo routing number Colorado:

Need the Wells Fargo Routing number for Colorado? we have it right here for you, it is 102000076. You may also call the Wells Fargo customer care number and get the routing number from them.

Wells Fargo routing number Arizona:

The Wells Fargo routing number for the Arizona state is 122105278.it is a 9 digit number that appears before your account number.

Wells Fargo routing number Washington:

The Wells Fargo routing number for Washington state is 125008547. This can be easily verified by looking at the front bottom of your check. If you do not have a checkbook, you may call Wells Fargo customer care.

You can find Wells Fargo Bank routing number for all the states of United Nations here. Use the search box to enter your preferred state.

How do I receive money to Wells Fargo Bank from outside the United States?

To receive or send money or make transactions to wells Fargo BAnk internationally, you would have to consider a wire transfer. For this, the sender needs the following information as shown in the table below. Therefore you can easily send/receive money to your internationally located Wells Fargo Bank account.

But please ensure that the SWIFT/BIC number is correct so that there are no issues while receiving or sending the transfer amount.

Note that some banks will have different SWIFT/BIC codes for a foreign currency due to the conversion rate of different currencies. Also note that the cost to make a wire transfer can be substantial.

How much does it cost to complete wire transfer?

Normally Banks tend to charge around 10 to 30$ for Domestic wire transfers and 30$ to 50$ for International wire transfers. Banks do charge a high fee just because they can. Since 2018, these extra charges can be avoided by using services like transfer wise. In fact, for Banks to convert money from one currency to another it does a cost a fraction of how much they charge.

Therefore transfers are the recommended service to be used for international transfers and take minimal fees too. In the below chart, You can see the comparison of the charges in various national banks to transfer funds internationally.

Caution: Many commercial Banks charge a high nominal fee for international transfers. Transfer wise is the perfect option for international transfers as it is cost effective and easy to use.

How long does a Transfer take?

Typically, it can take up to 1 day for domestic transfers and over 3-6 days for International transfers. If you have not seen any transactions in your account after 7 business days, contact your bank to check what the problem might be.

Time to wrap up!:

Wells Fargo Bank provides the best banking, investment, and mortgage services. Wells Fargo offers services through 7,950 branch locations,13000 ATM’s, the internet and mobile banking and owns offices in 37 countries.

It has stood the test of time by gaining the loyalty and attention of their customers for over 160 years. It is one of the oldest and one of the “Big Four Banks” of the United States.

We have got you covered with everything that you need to know about your Wells Fargo Bank routing here. I hope you have found this article useful and gained all the required information.

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